​​​​Unified Series - Study for a year with Gerry Eitner

Invest in yourself with this unique opportunity to study the Unified Series and work personally with Gerry each month.

This is a One on One study in moving from duality consciousness into one of Unity.  The world we've known has been one of duality.  We're now seeing extreme examples of this duality in the us versus them/victim-blame games as this system reaches its end time. Why is this happening?  A new level, or dimension, is ready to be born now  - one of Unity.  How will you play your own part in this new birth?   It's about expressing your own God Presence. These monthly perspectives and exercises will help you to relate to and express your own God nature - one of Unity and Love. Along with the monthly lessons, you'll receive an hour of individual time with Gerry -  either in person if you're in this geographical area, or on the phone/skype if there's a distance.  In each case, we'll focus on your personal life, your challenges and your breakthroughs as you relate to this

material. Your commitment will last for one year.  (Cost: $100/month)

3-4 February 2017

Episcopal Women's Retreat: Experiencing God in Everyday Life

Grace Episcopal Church

Hinsdale, Illinois

Many thanks to all of the women who participated so lovingly and openly at this retreat. Feedback has been wonderful! This was a custom retreat for the women in this Hinsdale, Illinois Episcopal congregation. For more information about how you can create experiences like this one, please contact Gerry Eitner directly at Gerry7253@gmail.com.

Upcoming Classes and Events

Connecting with the Divine Feminine – Mystics Without Monasteries

It's time for the emergence of the Divine Feminine. Perhaps you can sense this? When you look at the current conditions on this planet -- issues of war and domination, competition and greed, of treatment of women or the treatment of Mother Earth -- the need for the feminine power becomes obvious. It's power of a different sort, with different characteristics. It's important to personally connect with this Divine level, then to let it manifest through you in practical ways, in a trickle-down effect! 

In this year's program, you'll personally experience your mystical connect with this Divine Feminine. It brings many gifts. Beginning as a precious internal experience, it will expand into ways that you can share with others. We'll meet for an hour each month, either in person or virtually. You'll receive a special assignment each month to facilitate your opening to this experience. Many of your experiences will involve interactions with the Divine Feminine in Nature.

Your investment is a monthly fee of $100 and a commitment to studying with Gerry Eitner for one year.

Recent Past Classes and Events

​A group of six students received attunements that aligned them with the Christ energy as they also received increased connection to the Universal Life Energy. During both classes, participants learned (or reviewed) how to bring the Reiki energy through you to yourself, and to others, including distance Reiki.  Information on the basic hand positions, on the best way to maximize this healing energy, and to bring forward this Christ connection as you do was also shared. During the Second Degree class, all participated in a group Reiki Healing session, learning how to combine the Reiki energy together as one. All who received these attunements found their own level of awareness heightened, which is a permanent state of awareness. This is a great gift, especially in these coming times. 

11 March 2017

Warrenton, VA (Private Home - contact us for details)

First Degree Reiki Course from 10am - 5pm

​Taking this First Degree Reiki class may be one of the most important decisions that you ever make for yourself. Reiki has proven to help reduce stress, provide an inner peace, and help you retain a sense of calmness in your every day life. You'll receive four attunements that will enhance the connection between you and the "Universal Life Energy" and a fifth attunement that helps to open your heart. You'll practice using this connection on yourself and on others, and you will learn to discern when the Reiki energy is activated (when the person needs it in some way).  (Cost: $150)

05 November 2016

Synergy Circle - Lifting Up the Soul of America

Airlie Conservation House 

This Special Event was a "synergy circle," which created an opportunity for a large group of spiritual leaders to gather together for one day in our nation's capital - the very heart center of our country. Our dedicated group of respected authors, politicians, activists, and spiritual leaders explored how to raise the frequency of a divided America, planting the seeds in it collective consciousness of the deep healing that is so needed. The outcome of our exploration is a commitment to begin to co-create a template for a future that is not based on our current trajectory, but on the mission of the nation grounded in its founding principles and expressing its limitless potential for evolutionary leadership.

January 27, 2018 and September 30, 2017

Sacred Heart Reiki - First Degree and Second Degree Classes


Our events are varied in theme, from speaking engagements to customized retreats and international programs. Each is thoughtfully designed and focused on our mission. If you'd like more information on any of them, please contact us at CommunitiesOfPeace@gmail.com.

12 March 2017

Presentation of the First Section of the Children's Cloth of Many Colors, "Love of Nature"

St. James Episcopal Church

We were pleased to hear from our young quilters at St. James Episcopal Church about their experience in designing and completing the first section of our new Childrens' Cloth. Our new theme is Love of Nature, and focuses on the key issue of climate change.  Based on our history with this project, we believe that it can make a real difference to the protection of our environment. Each section will illustrate the children's love of nature and their desire to protect it, and this section does just that! Here's a short video that depicts Nature's beauty, from the seas to the sun's brilliant rays...and the smiles on the faces of the children who made it! 

Communities of Peace