Communities of Peace

Ascension - Guided Meditations

This is a powerful series of twelve recorded meditations. Each is oriented to helping you to develop your spiritual capacities at successively higher levels. Cost is $300 for the series.

Re-Connecting With Nature

In today's digital world, we tend to lose sight of the natural world. With our heads down, checking email or texts, surfing websites, or posting status updates, we have tuned out the healing power of nature. Even Hippocrates said, "Nature itself is the best physician." 

The intention of our Re-Connecting with Nature series is to provide you with thought-provoking exercises where you will turn to Mother Nature for answers and observations. We offer classes and retreats throughout the year. Often, these are held at the beautiful Conservation House at Airlie in Warrenton, VA. However, you do not have to come here to participate in our programs. There is power in sharing what we learn from observing the Earth in our surroundings. That's why we create small groups, worldwide, where we can share our thoughts and ideas online.

Every other Monday evening

This meditation group meets in Warrenton, Virginia. You may attend in person or via conference call. We are welcoming new participants, so please email us at for information. (by donation)

Re-Connecting with Nature - Basic Series
This is a three-month session, where you will work in small online groups.

Your session leader will facilitate each meeting posing a series of questions that ask you to examine key areas of your life. You will go to Mother Nature wherever you can find her - a local park, your backyard, a hike. She'll provide a way to answer the questions you have posed.

At a scheduled time, you'll describe your experience online. You'll find that your ability to connect, to go deeper, to develop and use many more senses, to "Be Real" with yourself and others, and to develop a support system for yourself, will increase. The trauma of being here on this earth as a spiritual being will decrease. This process taps different areas of your brain, taking you to a new level of "whole-brain thinking."

Cost: $300 

Reiki Master Class

This is a custom-designed program held in Warrenton, VA.

Prerequisites are First Degree and Second Degree Sacred Heart Healing.

Please contact Gerry for more detail at

Re-Connecting with Nature - Graduate Series
Upon request, three-month sessions can be created on such topics as:

  • The Use of Power
  • Relationships
  • Reducing Emotional Trauma
  • From Illusion into Reality
  • Your Highest Creation
  • Developing Extra Senses​

Cost: $300

"A Course in Love"

This is a three-month series done in person from the book "A Course in Love."  The course is designed in a similar manner to the Course in Miracles material.  Group meets in person once a week.  Cost is $100/month.

First Degree Sacred Heart Reiki Healing

A new class is forming now!

This is a day-long workshop held in Warrenton, VA.
You will learn how to practice Reiki healing on yourself and on others. You will also learn to discern when the Reiki energy is activated (when the person needs it in some way).

You will receive four attunements to begin connecting you to the Universal Life Energy, or Source, so that you can bring this through for yourself and for others. We have added a fifth attunement to help open your heart. 

Cost: $150 (discounts available for students & seniors)​


Reiki (Ray'kee) is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life Energy." In receiving Reiki attunements, you'll learn how to be connected to more of this loving energy of Source. Once you've attained your First Degree Sacred Heart Healing, you will be a conduit for passing on this energy. This loving energy has the potential to help heal a myriad of aspects of one's being, such as the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Gerry Eitner has been a Reiki practitioner since 1982, and a Reiki Master (teacher) since 1989. Our programs are based in the traditional Usui style, but on inspiration from Jesus, we have added a fifth attunement to begin the process of opening your “sacred heart.”

Classes and Workshops

Second Degree Sacred Heart Reiki Healing

This is a day-long workshop held in Warrenton, VA. 

Prerequisite is First Degree Reiki training.

This is a powerful session designed to give you the ability to increase the strength of your Reiki healing energy. It will enable you to work specifically in the mental/emotional area of yourself and others. 

You’ll also learn how to send Reiki healing at a distance. You'll have the experience of sending Reiki to both people and situations.  

Cost: $500 (discounts available for students & seniors)

Discovering Yourself  means opening new levels of your inner world. 

Some of our classes and workshops explore the depths of inner resistances and traumas that hold you back.  Others open the heights of conscious connecting with higher spiritual beings.  Still others open creative expression of the best that is in you to contribute to others.  

It all adds together to unfold the best that is in you!