Communities of Peace

Meet Gerry Eitner

Gerry Eitner has been a spiritual coach and mentor for over thirty years.  She has been practicing Reiki healing since 1982, and has been a Reiki Master since 1989.  Her work focuses on assisting people to experience themselves as love, and to contribute that love to others, in community.  That work is done in both individual and group settings, and has taken place both nationally and internationally, at conferences, universities, military (Pentagon) and places of worship.   

She has created two nonprofit organizations, The Masters Group, which focuses on consciousness development, and the Communities of Peace Foundation, a template for creating peaceful communities.  Catalyzed by the events of 9/11, that template was initiated in Warrenton VA.  It has been seeded in ten US communities and has expanded to projects in Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, and Ethiopia.

Gerry has orchestrated large special events at the Pentagon, the United Nations, Chautauqua Institution, on Capitol Hill, and at the DC Memorials.  She has overseen the Children’s Cloth of Many Colors project from its inception at the Pentagon in September of 2000 to its current state – over 1/3 mile long, with sections from thousands of children in 32 countries and 22 US states. 

A passionate writer, you'll find her articles in many publications. Her columns published by United Press International on Religion and Spirituality can be found online by clicking here.

She has been:

  • A delegate to the United Nations Millennium Forum
  • A member of the US Committee for the Earth Charter (ratified in 72 nations)
  • A longtime board member of United Religions Initiative – DC
  • A delegate/speaker to various national and international interfaith/United Nations assemblies
  • A member of Ambassadors for Peace,
  • The creator of the first model for Global Family Day, a new holiday that has recently passed both houses of congress and has been recommended by the United Nations. 
  • A member of the Values Caucus of the United Nations
  • A member of the Capital Speakers Club
  • A member of the advisory board for the Virginia Ambassadors for Peace.
  • A weekly columnist for United Press International
  • A TV documentary producer for Channel 10 Fairfax
  • A frequent speaker to organizations and places of worship.
  • The subject of numerous media articles, radio and TV shows, both national and international.

Gerry has two grown children, and is a Ph.D. candidate in Ecopsychology. She resides near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Amissville, Virginia.