Communities of Peace

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing has many benefits. It can be a great stress reducer, and it can help balance your energy. Throughout my personal mentoring career, I have found that it also facilitates natural spiritual evolution. For these reasons, I like to incorporate into my mentoring sessions. However, I do provide one-hour sessions upon request.  

Creative Mentoring

Occasionally, I meet clients who have a specific creative project in mind. In this case, they are often looking for a coach. My varied background provides a deep set of experiences that can be drawn upon to assist throughout the project development. Additionally, I can provide introductions to instrumental people who may help bring these special projects to new organizations or even deeper levels of substance.

Personal Mentoring by Gerry Eitner

Unified Series

This is a 24-session series that focuses on your ability to connect/identify with God and your Higher Self. The first 12 sessions can stand on their own if needed. 

The Presence Process
Just as this would indicate, The Presence Process enables the Self to be Present. Typically, you select your goal for the process; however, I can also help you with this, if you like. Then, over a 12-week process, we work through a step by step process to help diffuse prior traumas and negative patterns, all of which will enable you to be more fully present every day. Our personal weekly sessions are focused on your unique experiences and perspectives.

Developing Subtle Senses / Communicating with Higher Intelligence

Sometimes people wish to develop their more subtle senses and be able to incorporate them into their daily/creative life.  At other times, these senses may already be operative (the person may be psychic without knowing how to balance their lives.)  I can also help in this regard.

Studying Together

I recommend a variety of books that have been helpful in my own spiritual development.  At times, people prefer to choose to read one or more of these books and spend our scheduled time each week discussing them.

Although I'm available to be with you on an hourly basis ($100/hour), I've found that working together on an extended personal basis is most effective. This approach gives us an opportunity to really look at your life's challenges and possibilities. Typically, we commit to three-month sessions where we meet in person for two hours each week. For people at a distance, I can also accommodate one hour each week if we meet via phone or Skype. Fees are: $2,000 (2-hours/week in person session) or $1,000 (1-hour/week telephone or Skype sessions).

I use a variety of methods in this approach, depending on your particular needs. You will find these methods listed below.