More About Our Children's Cloth of Many Colors 

The Children's Cloth is a long, narrow quilt that has been made by groups of children from more than 32 countries. Each square is 36" x 36". Our previous focus has been on world peace. Today, our focus is on Love of Nature.

Since its inception in 2000, the Children's Cloth has been reputed to create small miracles. Even the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times reported on it! We've seen it make a difference in the lives of people everywhere because people stop to listen to children's voices. In 2005, we displayed the entire quilt on the West Lawn of the US Capitol, where Peace Troubador James Twyman sang and brought prayers of peace from thousands of caring people. 

At this same event, we placed the quilt on the lawn and configured it in the form of the peace symbol for a short 15 minutes. We all joined hands and sang songs of peace. The next day, the Capitol Police called to ask what fertilizer we used on the grass! Of course, we hadn't used any fertilizer. But, the grass under the peace sign was growing greener! And, it stayed green for two weeks after our event, drawing coverage from several national media companies.

Each quilted square is 36 inches x 36 inches, with edges finished and backed.

STEP ONE:  A group of children is formed, and they decide how to illustrate their love of nature in their area.

STEP TWO: If possible, the group contributes special pieces of cloth to compose their quilt. These could be:

  • sports team shirt
  • baby blanket
  • other

STEP THREE: An adult quilter helps them with their design and does the actual quilting.  Each quilted section is 36"x36", with finished edges.  Each section is backed by cloth.  It helps to have the basic information (children's names, location, etc.) on the back.  A picture of the children makes it more personal!

STEP FOUR: The children place their love into their quilt section. This may seem like an intangible step, but it is what gives the CCMC its power.

STEP FIVE:  When complete, we'd like to know your story. How did you decide to get involved? Why did you chose the theme and elements of the quilt? What would you like to see happen with nature in the world?  In your community?  (Please keep the message, comments and suggestions positive!)  We'd love to hear from you, so anything you'd like to share will become part of our collective stories. Please take a picture of the section, preferably with the children and all who contributed to it (hi-resolution JPEG files are preferred), and submit it to: 

STEP SIX: We will send you an information packet with recommended text for any signage that could accompany its display in your community.  You may display your section locally if you like, before sending it to us.  Our mailing address is:  Communities of Peace PO Box 3507 Warrenton VA 20188.

STEP SEVEN: Our goal is to have sections from children in each country of the world.  If you have friends in other countries, please refer them to this website so that they can join in this movement!  We're also in the early stages of asking for letters of encouragement to the children from the leaders of their country.    

How to Create Your Own Nature Section of the Children's Cloth of Many Colors

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