Communities of Peace

Have you noticed that more and more people today are suffering from fear, anxiety, worry, and trauma? I could go on and add climate change, nuclear disaster fears, economic uncertainty, and even emerging social hatred. Do you talk about these things with others? What can we do about them? Is there ever an answer?

I believe that there is, and that the answer lies in truly understanding who YOU are at both the deepest and highest levels: why are you here at this particular time in earth's history? Discover how to move into positive action and play the role that is in you. You can make a difference in the world around us.  We need you.

Our programs address Consciousness Development at all levels. They are designed based on our founder's extensive training and personal experiences, and then they are customized to meet your needs. You'll find individual one-on-one mentoring options, group classes/retreats/workshops that can be attended either in person or remotely, and even a way to become a teacher yourself. Ultimately, you'll tap into yourself and find the dreamer in you. And that person will know how to make a positive impact in the world.



This membership group is comprised of people who are committed to developing their own spiritual life, and/or becoming a teacher or spiritual coach.

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Many  people who are serious about their spiritual development have benefitted from consulting personally with Gerry. 

My desire is to help you awaken the dreamer in you.


Our classes, workshops and retreats are designed to help open your higher levels, heal your traumas and resistances, and express your full potential.

Consciousness Development