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We're always thankful when our work is recognized as it helps spread the word about how our programs and projects are making a difference in the world around us.

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We hope you'll enjoy watching a few videos about the work we've done with the Children's Cloth.

The Communities of Peace mission is grounded in making a difference. We believe this starts with helping expand people’s inner experience of who they are and what is possible for them. We also believe that it is equally important to create and support projects in the community that involve these experiences. That’s why you’ll see a variety of initiatives that support community involvement.

It all started on September 10, 2002 in Warrenton, Virginia, when the mayor and town council proclaimed Warrenton as a Community of Peace. Since then, numerous other communities, both in the US and across the globe (Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria), have used elements of our model as “communities of peace.” We even initiated an event in Israel that became the model for a US resolution for an annual Day of Peace! 

We have facilitated successful diversity programs, worked collaboratively with local churches, local schools, and even the Pentagon and United Nations. We've also keynoted projects with community service organizations like the Rotary Clubs, to bring programs that help people of all ages get engaged with peace-centered projects, like our Children’s Cloth of Many Colors and Peace Pole dedications. We have sponsored over a hundred children as they traveled to Washington, DC to meet with foreign embassies, the State Department, and members of US Congress so that they could present their Children’s Cloth and learn how they can make a difference at a global level with even seemingly small gestures.

One of our core programs, Reiki Healing, reaches out into our communities in a lot of different ways. In addition to offering Rieki on a personal basis, we also teach others how to become a Rieki Healer.  Through our work in this field, we initiated a complementary Reiki healing program at Fauquier Hospital. The program continues today, and has served hundreds of people, bringing new levels of stress reduction, trauma release, relaxation and inner peace. 

We hope you’ll find a way to get involved with us, too. Perhaps it’s by taking one of our classes, coming to one of our workshops or retreats, or attending one of our special events. You might even have an idea for a new way to engage with our Children’s Cloth program. Whatever you decide, we hope we can help you “awaken the dreamer in you” and make a difference wherever you live.

Shown above: Attendees of the "Synergy Circle: Lifting Up the Soul of America; Dedication of the Warrenton, VA Peace Pole in Rady Park, and the Speakers at the Earth Day Celebration at Airlie 


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