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​Here's how you can create your own "Love of Nature" section today. And meet our newest Children's Cloth "Ambassador," Astrid Determan!

The Children's Cloth of Many Colors was initiated by an eight year old girl when our organization dedicated a peace pole for the Pentagon.  Based on a concept initiated by "Peace Troubadour" Jimmy Twyman, the project is comprised of yard-square sections made by groups of children.    With its initial focus on peace, the project has grown to include sections from thousands of children in 32 countries.  It has made a significant difference in the lives of many people, and has even been said to create "miracles" by major media sources.  We've personally seen enough to believe that this project has divine help!  We've also had participation from many community leaders, three secretaries of state, one king, a governor,  numerous ambassadors, etc.  We find that the innocence and the love of the children is catching.  Everyone who becomes involved begins to feel like a child again -- full of hope, wonder and creativity.

Because we believe that the issue of climate change is a critical one, we are changing this project's focus to that of Love of Nature.  We believe in keeping the message positive, focusing on the children's love and caring rather than taking either an argumentative or a political stance.  Based on our experience, we believe that this project will indeed continue to create those unexpected "miracles" in people's lives and truly make a difference.

We're intending to gather sections from children in all of the world's countries, and to gather letters of encouragement to the children from country leaders. In fact, our first two Love of Nature sections are being presented at Bonn COP23 Climate Change Conference and to the Prime Minister of Fiji!  You can help: sponsor a section, gather children to create a section, or simply donate.


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Are you passionate about nature? Want to get involved and create a lasting section of the Children's Cloth? Find out how!


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Creating a quilt is a beautiful process, but one that requires materials, time, and coordination. Your support helps us continue to grow.

Here are just a few of our favorite memories of our Children's Cloth of Many Colors, but we have lots more! Click here to go to our Flickr site, and follow us there. Check out the photos and video from the first section of our newest Children's Cloth, with the "Love of Nature" theme. We're getting more digital every day!

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Watch how one school in Virginia created the first section of the Children's Cloth!

Or read the latest article about the Children's Cloth in the May issue of Discover Fauquier (page 32!

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