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Creating a quilt is a beautiful process, but one that requires materials, time, and coordination. Your support helps us continue to grow.

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The concept of the Children's Cloth of Many Colors peace quilt is intertwined with many events and dates back to the year 2000. Based on a prior concept initiated by "Peace Troubadour" Jimmy Twyman's, the children's version started with an eight-year old girl's vision when Communities of Peace dedicated a peace pole for the Pentagon. As our Founder, Gerry Eitner, recalls, "I can remember the instant when young Brynn Stalvey took my hand for the first time, a symbolic joining of two hearts dedicated to peace. I knew right then that she (and her family) needed to come with me to the peace ceremony." And she did. It was right then that Brynn spoke about her desire to create a new version of the Cloth of Many Colors - one made only by children. It would represent their view of world peace, conveying their feelings of what "peace on earth" would be like.

Since then, the program has grown and touches thousands of children from 32 countries and 22 US states. The quilt measures over a third of a mile long! We've seen it bring people together. We've seen similar ideas on sections made in Japan to Africa to South America. During diplomatic events, we've seen delegations sit down together, putting any differences aside, to draw their pictures together. Hearts were touched. Barriers fell. 

Now, focusing on the key issue of climate change, we want to continue the ministry of the Children's Cloth. We consider this issue a key one today. Based on our history with this project, we believe that it can make a real difference to the protection of our environment. Our new theme is: Love of Nature. Each section will illustrate the children's love of nature and their desire to protect it. We want to gather sections from children in each of the world's countries and then display those sections at the United Nations in 2017.  You can help: sponsor a section, create one yourself, or simply donate. Click here for more information.

Here are just a few of our favorite memories of our Children's Cloth of Many Colors, but we have lots more! Click here to go to our Flickr site, and follow us there. Check out the photos and video from the first section of our newest Children's Cloth, with the "Love of Nature" theme. We're getting more digital every day!

Watch how one school in Virginia created the first section of the Children's Cloth!


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Here's how you can create your own "Love of Nature" section today. And meet our newest Children's Cloth "Ambassador," Astrid Determan!

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