Communities of Peace

Meet Our Newest Children's Cloth "Ambassador"

Astrid Grace Determan

Become an "Ambassador" for the

Children's Cloth of Many Colors

Check out Astrid talking about the Children's Cloth of Many Colors, our "Love of Nature" theme, and her own non-profit in the video below - Thank you!

We are always looking for "Ambassadors" for our Children's Cloth of Many Colors. Here's how you can become one:

  • Embrace your passion! Focus on the aspect(s) of Nature that are most important to you. Perhaps it's a creature on the brink of extinction, or a change in the environment that you've noticed and want to help protect.
  • Volunteer to lead a group of children in making a section of the Children's Cloth -- You can gather a few friends from school, your church, a local community center, your Scout troop -- anyone you think shares in your passion.
  • Help us by talking about the Children's Cloth and its impact on our communities - both local and global - on a website, on Facebook or other social media, at an event.
  • Refer others to our website to get the larger picture and info on the most recent events.

Astrid is passionate about endangered species. So much so, she has created her own non-profit called EPICAnimals. EPIC stands for Every Person Initiates Change. She has been a friend of Communities of Peace her entire young life! And as she grows up, she speaks to audiences of all ages. Most recently, she was in Alaska above the Arctic Circle working with others striving to make a difference for Climate Change. She has invited the Gwich'in children there to make a section for the Children's Cloth.

​You can find out more about Astrid and here.