Communities of Peace

With love,

Gerry Eitner

about gerry


Gerry Eitner has been the driving force behind Communities of Peace from the beginning. We'd like you to know more about her.

Recent projects

We're continually working on projects that inspire peace. Our work has included initiating programs in local medical and educational systems to peace poles at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan to our latest programs designed to Re-connect with Nature. Our latest Children's Cloth has its first section complete! 

Founder and President

These are challenging times, to say the least. We need a new way--a new story of who we are; a new perspective to live into. One that is positive, affirmative, expressive of the best that is in each one. And we need to demonstrate it, in community.

As we each relate to that new level of identity in ourselves, the need to control, dominate, compete and unnecessarily accumulate isn't even there. What does happen is a new desire to share the best; the fullness of who we are, in contribution to others. It's really about expressing the love that we are inside. It feels good, it's Self-expressive, and it's productive.

It's important to identify with the fullness of Who You Are and why you are here at this time. You have an important part to play!

Communities of Peace is all about helping you to find and play that part. We facilitate the programs to help you explore, expand and express your inner nature. Most of us have experienced a certain amount of trauma in just being here. Our programs help to identify and heal those traumas, resistances and patterns that hold you back.

Mission & Vision

To offer programs that help others expand and enhance their consciousness; to create projects that help to express this, in contribution to community.

We offer programs to help you identify your unique nature and the gifts that are inherent to you. These programs also help you to utilize more senses for gathering information and help you to build your support systems so that you can relate, create and contribute. Some of our programs will help you to experience the more mystical parts of your nature.

It's a deep pleasure to be able to offer my own gifts to you.