Communities of Peace

With love,

Gerry Eitner

about gerry


Gerry Eitner has been the driving force behind Communities of Peace from the beginning. We'd like you to know more about her.

Recent projects

We're continually working on projects that inspire peace. Our work has included initiating programs in local medical and educational systems to peace poles at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan to our latest programs designed to Re-connect with Nature. Our latest Children's Cloth has its first section complete! 

Founder and President

A mystic since childhood, I've been taught by many advanced spiritual teachers.  Many have been from higher dimensions; one was an enlightened human Master teacher (now deceased.)  He taught me a great deal about what he called the "Evolutionary Imperative" -- meaning that our souls have a natural evolutionary path.  You might think of it as like the natural flowering of a plant.  It's important to discover Who You Are; your Divine Nature, and find a way to live into the full flowering of this.  I've also learned directly from Mother Nature as she reflected much of the divine to me.  I now include much of this process in my own teaching.

I've spontaneously remembered some of my past lives, which helped me to understand that, as a soul, we bring forward momentums -- of griefs,  guilts,  unfinished business,  feelings of responsibility, areas where we haven't loved, or felt loved.  All of these momentums are playing out in our current lifetime on this earth, and are meant to be resolved by us.   In many ways, it's like a dream, with you as the "dreamer."  It's important to wake up in your dream, to experience the love that is there for you, and to complete this cycle for yourself.

Mission & Vision

We want to make a difference, and we believe it starts by awakening the dreamer inside of You! We believe by enhancing our own consciousness, we can change the world.

My desire is to help you awaken the dreamer in you.

In my opinion, it's all about love.  Feeling loved by the male and female Source; feeling safe, valued and protected, completing our unfinished business regarding love in relationships, expressing ourselves as love in our creative ventures and our relationships. In doing all of this, it's important to find a perspective; a path to travel.  This includes opening some of your higher capacities or levels, clearing all of your restrictions, traumas and holdbacks, discovering your true Nature, and finding/creating  a way to express this love that you are into this world.  Our programs are designed to help you on this path.